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Whites’ Grip & Grow is a modular integrated system for growing climbing vegetables and plants.

Grip & Grow Kits make erecting plant support frames simple. No more complicated ties and stakes!

Just an all-in-one system that's ready to grow!

Easy to set up, the feet simply push into the ground. Panels can be tied together to create longer runs, and the sturdy winged design supports even heavier produce like cucumbers and eggplant.

The ribbed bar provides additional grip to hold growing vines while the hook and loop ties support the plant as it grows.

Made from durable galvanised steel for a longer life, Grip & Grow is robust and durable enough to re-use year after year.

Ready to Grow
Ready to Grow

Grip & Grow

Tomatoes, beans, passionfruit, and even heavier produce like eggplant and cucumbers - Grip & Grow's sturdy winged design supports them all.

There are two sizes available in kit form:

    • the small kit measures 1160mm (h) x 305mm (w), sturdy winged design and two hook and loop ties.
    • for larger climbers, the large kit measures 1900mm (h) x  510mm (w) featuring an extendable panel for extra height, extra width with the same sturdy winged design and four hook and loop ties.

For big gardens, Grip & Grow panels can be joined using spiral connectors to make longer runs.

Each kit simply pushes into the ground so you're set up and ready to grow in seconds - no stakes, no construction!.


Line Drawings
Line Drawings


Self Supporting
Self Supporting


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Dave shows us how easily you can create growing frames for your vegie patch, replacing his old bamboo frames with Grip & Grow in minutes. 


Also Available Wall Frame

Whites Grip & Grow Wall Frames are ideal for training climbing plants to create a green-cover over fences and walls. Easy to mount using Whites Panel Fixing Clips or Panel Mounting Clips. Handy Tip: once mounted use Whites Garden Up Mix'N'Match Pots and Hooks to create living green wall with a difference.

Whites Grip & Grow Vegie Frames have wire legs so they simply push into the ground and you're to grow in large pots or vegie gardens.

Whites Grip & Grow Decorative Arch is both a garden feature and a plant trainer in one. Two sturdy metal legs simply push into the ground to install, or mount them against wall or fence to add character.

All Grip & Grow products feature ribbed design for additional grip, and a galvanised finish so you can use them year after year.

Vegie Frame Decorative Arch
Also Available Wall Frame Vegie Frame Decorative Arch

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