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Bunnings DIY Video

Bunnings - DIY Vertical Garden Video.

Kerrie from Bunnings shows us how to bring some greenery into a small space, such as a small backyard or courtyard, by learning how to create your own vertical garden with Whties Garden Up range.

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Step 1. Choose your location and measure up

Find where on the wall you want the vertical garden. Keep in mind levels of sunlight and the nearest tap. Using your spirit level, measure up and mark out on the wall where the unit will go. Then using the frame, mark out the points to attach your screws.

Step 2. Fix the unit to your wall

Use a hammer drill to create holes in the wall. Cut wall plugs to size and then insert them into the holes. Put screws into the wall plugs and then hang the frame securely on the ends of the screws.

Step 3. Hang up the flower troughs

Now that the unit is secure, hang the hooks onto the frame. Then insert water-smart flowering troughs onto the hooks. Make sure that the troughs are evenly spread out for a great look.

Step 4. Add potting mix and plant

Then simply fill the troughs with potting mix and some plants, add water and enjoy your new garden. Mix and match plants for your small space, courtyard or apartment. Try planting herbs, some seedlings for colour or change your garden to suit the season.